We've come to a critical juncture in our culture and I believe there is a hunger and a need, like never before in my lifetime, to be reminded of and inspired by the great stories and characters from America's history. This is the basis of the vision for America Studios.

America Studios is enjoining the best historians, writers, filmmakers and marketers to discover and deliver crowd pleasing, high entertainment content focused solely on incredible inspiring people and stories from the history of our country.

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America Studios is the first film studio devoted to telling remarkable stories about what truly makes America great - stories of when profound principles and exemplary people coincided with the hand of Providence to create the most exceptional nation in the history of the world.

Visit America Studios to see our initial slate of feature films and episodic television in development.

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John and his crew are a rugged band of seasoned professionals, well-versed in film production as local as highlighting community charities and as grandiose as Hollywood-scale feature films. Equipped to uproot and transplant operations to any location in the world, under any circumstances, and in any given climate, John has produced some of the most exquisite films in the most challenging of terrains and conditions – and in fact, he thrives in them. If there’s a story to be told, the team will blaze a trail across land, air, and sea to get there.

Along with his core team, John regularly works with noted professionals in the industry, including top camera, crew and production teams from New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Cairo, Bucharest, Athens, Jerusalem, Rome, and London.